Brake Pad Replacement Replacing Brake Pads

Brake Pad Replacement Replacing Brake Pads

You might find yourself in a situation where you are in desperate need to change the brake pads on your car. A mechanic will follow this process for changing brake pads on a car.

  • The car has to be completely cooled down before anything is done. Heat expands the metal alloys that the pads are made of which means the size has increased slightly. The mechanic also needs to wait for the car to cool down so that his hands don’t burn whilst replacing the brake parts.
  • The mechanic will loosen the lug nuts to remove the hub cap from the wheel. He will lift the car at least thirty centimetres from the floor. Then he will place bricks or wedges behind the other wheels so that the car doesn’t roll away. Two wheels can be done at a time by placing two jacks on either side of the car. A fellow mechanic will usually assist with this process.
  • The mechanic will now completely remove the lug nuts and the wheel to begin the mainpad replacement process.
  • The calliper bolts will be removed to access the brake pads. The calliper needs to be removed in order to get to the rotor. The calliper assembly will still have a brake line that attaches to the system and careful procedure will have to be used when dealing with this assembly.
  • The brake pads can now be safely removed by either sliding them out or popping them out. The mechanic will also replace the clips that attach the pads with new ones.
  • The new brake pads can now be fitted on. First, braking grease will be applied to the back of the pads as lubrication to avoid friction and high temperatures.
  • The mechanic will place the new brake pad the same way he removed the previous one.
  • He will then need to place the calliper back on to the rotor. The calliper might not fit onto the part and will need to be fixed using the brake tools.
  • The wheel and tyre will be placed back into position and the lug nuts will be tightened.

Brake pad replacement is an important job that needs to be done correctly. These special car parts are what help you to stop when you apply the brake pedal. The brake pad will clamp onto the brake disc, thus stopping the car from colliding into objects on the road.

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